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Thread: Socon Week 11 power rankings and picks

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    Re: Socon Week 11 power rankings and picks

    Power Rankings (no wimpy ‘Tier System’ for FUBeAR)

    1) Furman...clearly

    2) Chattanooga
    3) bellhops
    4) Mercer
    5) yappers
    6) VMI
    7) Samford
    8) ETSU
    9) WCU


    VMI @ Furman - Paladins roll early & rest the Starters in the 2nd half, & give up some points, to prepare to clinch their 2nd SoCon Championship in a row the following week - 45-24

    @ Samford - Chatt is strong enough on both sides of the ball to win this game by 2 or 3 scores, but special teams aren’t so special & keep it closer than it should be. No OT though. 31-24

    Wofford @ Mercer - FUBeAR has rethought his position on this game. Coach Lamb went to Home Depot & Office Depot this week & restocked his duct tape & paper clip supplies. The over-arrogant yappy-pups have been saying the right things this week, but FUBeAR’s BS-O-meter is a finely tuned instrument & he ain’t buyin’ those words. The mini-snarlers used their Sharpies & put a “W” beside this game when they saw Mercer @ Furman on 9/21. But it’s not too hard to get tangled in the duct tape, stabbed by the paper clips, and slip’n’fall on the spit Mercer is holding their Team together with these days, especially when the littlepups been dreaming about avenging the 2018 thrashing Furman gave them for weeks. Bears neuter the porchyippers’ SoCon & Playoff hopes 32-31

    ETSU @ WCU - FUBeAR called WCU over VMI last week & ETSU’s “brain” trust kept him from a perfect week with 3 upsets picked correctly...but brawn wins out in this one. ETSU has some, Cats don’t. 27-10
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