Just wondering at this juncture where everyone thinks we stand? I have been chirping a bit about not getting respect in some of the polls, but last week we started to get some and after this week I assume we will crack the top 25 in both the coaches and Stats poll, although probably not AGS.

I know the feeling is that Kennesaw was overrated and I tend to agree as well, but 45-21 on the road speaks for itself. We have earned the right now to be overrated ourselves if that makes sense. I honestly think we can play with and beat most NON ELITE teams which is like about 3-4 teams (ND and SD state etc)..

So we still have- North Alabama, Campbell and Hampton. Campbell will be fired up b/c they can still win the Big South. But I agree that if we want to be consider legit good we need to win out getting us to 10-2.

Assuming we do that, is it fair to say that as a 10-2 auto bid with a win against a top 5 team, a win over Albany and a very respectable game against Montana on the road that we should get a home playoff game against a beatable team? When I say beatable I am not being a hypocrite since I said above I think we can play with 20 of the top 25 teams but I mean maybe get the Patriot league winner or last CAA team in at our place?

I know we wont be in line for a seed, but I will say this- Had Kennesaw beaten us they almost definitely would have gotten a seed with a worse resume than us. So based on that I would say that if we do win out and go 10-2 we should actually be in line for a seed, but frankly I understand people will still not take us very seriously..

Any thoughts and comments appreciated.

**sidenote -- A KSU player went down and was being attended to for a solid 20-30 minutes. They cut his facemask off and he was carted off where I did NOT see him moving, no thumbs up. I DID see him move while down tough.. Hope he is ok and if any KSU people have word pls let me know..