Currently at 52-8 for the year and still chasing that elusive prefect weekend. Six games on the docket this week. Here is my attempt at perfection.

CP at UCD---Aggies need to break out of their funk and get back to winning. It won't be easy against a Mustangs team that enjoys wrecking havoc on anyone they face. The Mustangs won't come in scared but can they win?...UCD 31, CP 21.

UI at PSU---This one is actually easy. Both the Vandals and the Vikings have looked good at home and terrible on the road. In that case, it bodes well for the Vikings as they are the home team this week...PSU 35, UI 24.

North Dakota at ISU---Any chance for a Griz hangover this week? The Bengals better hope not, as they are the better team here and are playing at home. The only thing that could come in to play is that dreaded hangover...ISU 41, North Dakota 24.

UNC at EWU---This one was easy at the beginning of the season when the Eagles were great and the Bears were terrible. But it has become more difficult as the Bears can play against anyone and the Eagles can't stop anyone. Still,...EWU 35, UNC 32.

SAC at MSU---Good test for the Hornets to see if they are truly for real, heading out to Bobcat territory, facing a team that was taken to overtime last week. This should be a good one, even if the snow neutralizes things a bit...MSU 29, SAC 28.

SUU at WSU---The Thunderbirds have fallen off and the Wildcats have soared so far, so this should be easy. But any instate rivalry is never all that easy in football. Except this one...WSU 41, SUU 14.