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Hey, no problem in any way. Having multiple resources that show which games are televised and/or streamed all in one place is a good thing. (I do know other people have posted a link to the site I provided during past seasons, but I was not familiar with the site you provided.)

Slightly OT: With the Nebraska/Minnesota game I planned to attend scheduled at the same time as the Penguins/Wild NHL I will be attending, my Saturday afternoon in the Twin Cities will be free. I may have to hit a sports bar with DirecTV so I can watch Villanova/James Madison at 12:30 PM CT (along with Memphis/Temple and hopefully Bloomsburg/West Chester, the latter of which is on ESPN3/ESPN GamePlan, that both start at 11 AM CT.) With all the Eagles fans that will overrun the Twin Cities this weekend, sports bars will need to show games involving teams from eastern Pennsylvania, LOL.

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I'm saying if you are ever looking at your link, bring it over for us my man!