UNI will be a top 10 team come tomorrow.

This should be a great game. Both have very good defenses.


Can they run power against this UNI defense?
Will UNI bring pressure to confuse Lance in hopes he makes mistakes?
Both run and pass game are moving the chains.
Lean on the OL.
DL rotation is great. 10-12 guys are getting in there.
Special teams needs to get better. Weak spot right now.
Homecoming: should be a great crowd.
5 game winning streak against UNI.....make it 6!
Keep McELvain in the pocket


Do they have enough of a running game to keep NDSU honest on defense?
Keep McElvain clean.
Small QB. DL....get the hands up.
Noise. Will it be a factor for McElvain?
NDSU offense clicking. Too much to defend?

Good old fashion slobberknocker.

IMO, NDSU has more offensive firepower compared to UNI. Both defenses are very good but if UNI cannot run the ball, they have no chance.

NDSU by 2 scores.