Lehigh got some bad news as their bright star of freshman WR Burbage is now out for the year with a torn achilles. Hopefully the surgery and rehab goes real well. He has shown himself to be a real talent. Luckily, we have the bye this week because Bibbens is hurt too and wouldn't have been cleared for this week. Ranks are thin at that position, now. May see a RB or DB with receiver experience make a switch. Fortunately, the OL is beginning to gel. An intact unit for three weeks in a row!! I think our new DL coach is working wonders with what has, in the past few years, been a real weak spot. We knew we had some good experience coming back in the secondary and LB corps, but the DL was the major concern. So far, so good. After the bye week, Lehigh takes on the Jesuit Amigos in back to back to back weeks!