For the first time ever, there are 30 games to pick from! So if there was ever a week to miss, this is NOT the one! This is your chance to make a move in the standings! There are some fun ones to pick from, the dreaded "who cares games," and the nearly guaranteed to be "as coin flip as possible" lower division game of the week.

Here is the link for the picks for week 6:

As I've done in the past, here is the top 5 in the season standings:

1 mvemjsunpx 78
1 ST_Lawson 78
3 Gangtackle11 76
4 Bisonator 74
5 Roamingriz 73

And finally, here is the link to the full standings and each week's results and picks:

Make sure to pay attention to said link ^^^ as that is where this week's results will be updated from as well! So if you're watching games on Saturday, you might be able to follow along. (Big disclaimer, though, as I might be playing in a disc golf tournament all day.)