The Mountain Hawks renew acquaintances with the Aggies after they last met in California in the D-II NCAA Semi-finals in 1977, won by Lehigh 37-30, enroute to Lehigh's National Championship. This year's meeting is expected to be lopsided with UCD ranked in or around the top 5 and Lehigh struggling to regain its identity after a coaching change and a thin roster. Aggies played FBS Cal-Berkley very tough two weeks ago, but almost took it on the chin last Saturday against San Diego. Which Aggie team shows up? Lehigh. meanwhile, is struggling to put together a consistent offense. The defense has shown improvement over last year, but is undersized in the DL. Many expecting a blowout by about 30 points. Any Aggies on here see UCD play this year? What do you expect? I am hoping we can access the game over internet portal on University website.