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    CAA In-Season Thread

    Might as well get this launched now that Villanova took down the PL champ Colgate 34-14.

    Funny, but without using the tactic perfected by KC & his band of fast talking assistants & resurrected recently by Coach Crook-o. I may have been watching the dirty filthy birds walk away with a win over Nova finally.

    Nah. Just kidding.

    Welcome to transfer QB Dan Smith. He looks to be a very capable signal- caller with a strong & accurate arm & a gutsy runner. Colgate didnít know what hit them as he guided Nova to a breeze win in Hamilton.

    Not sure if the entire CAA should worry about the ĎCats, but I know a few straggly Blue chicks arenít sleeping well after Saturday.

    Comments for in-season CAA? Post away. Good luck in your season opener! Nova will be back in action on 9/7 vs. Lehigh.
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