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I'd bet Samford is doing better than YSU at QB
We actually don't know yet. You can be glad that Hodges is gone, just as I am glad that McCaster is gone. I'm actually concerned about Mays. He guided you guys into the 4th quarter tied with the Bison. He looked to be a strong runner who fought for every yard. His deep passing may not be the best around, but on slants and short routes, he looks VERY capable.

I have voted my homer pick and taken Samford. We may actually have a little more depth at places like the O-Line, and our defense has a chance to be really good this year. I can understand why the Penguins are favored, but this is certainly an interesting matchup. It might be like last year when the favored team provided the opponents with enough gifts for the upset. I think both teams have LOTS of question marks, and this early test might be beneficial for both teams. Can't wait. GO DOGS!!!!!