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Not a biggie, but have always wondered why the following are abbreviated as such:

Cal Poly Mustangs
Sac State Hornets
UC Davis Aggies

Is it an anti-California thing?

Why aren't they:

California Polytechnic Mustangs
California State-Sacramento Hornets (this would be similar to Tennessee-Martin)
California-Davis Aggies (see line above)

These are the official names of the universities (listed next to the copyright on their respective university websites) plus their mascot names. I also looked up Tennessee Tech to see if that should be something else, but Tennessee Tech is what is actually next to the copyright.

Of these, the only one that I could see as confusing is California State-Sacramento, as this has been referred to as Sac(ramento) State for a long time. All other states have their entire name in the team name. Hell, even The Citadel has the "The" and it alphabetized with the T's. It is time to end the oppression of California.

Not trying to start a movement...simply putting this out there.
Don't worry, if you try and start a movement I don't like I will extinguish it immediately.

You state that these things have been confusing for a long time but in reality Sac was Sacramento until a year ago. It was brought up, looked into, and changed to "Sac" because it was a branding wish or whatever...but it would not change the ability for people to look for them and it was shorter. I deal with spreadsheets, the longer the name the worse it is for me so if I have a shorter option that can still easily be found when putting together a ballot then this is what I go with.

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No issue at all. Thank you for the historical context, or lack thereof. My question with respect to poll name lists (the topic of this thread) is "Why are there a few that are abbreviated, when >97% are not?".

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I've spent so much time trying to appease with the correct name as well as make it easy to find in the list of 120 plus names when casting a ballot. That is one of the most important factors...not a philosophical argument of whether all names are in the exact same format. When I started this thing 8 yrs. ago I started form scratch and built every facet of it and one of the things that got much thought was the best way to name the teams. I went with as simple as I could and the format was "School" and then "Mascot". But again we have some teams that the school name can be very long. SEMO and ETSU and so forth can be challenging so what do I do with those? I go with the most common nomenclature that we, the voters, use everyday on this site for the most part.

I seriously have hundreds of hours into building and maintaining this list. This list then has to get moved around and put into at least 5 or 6 different places so that all things calculate out or verify properly. In other words a single change for one name is changed in many places so I don't take them lightly or change them without thought. UC Davis and Sac and Cal Poly were all looked into and checked with the schools to see if what we were doing was correct either by public statements or asking them via email.

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BTW, Sac State's athletics website is littered with the use of Sacramento State. Poor website authoring, or lack of recognition of even their own branding? Your call.

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Sac St. does not seem to have a unified marketing plan as you stated because they do have it as Sacramento in many places...I can't do **** about that. I went with what I was informed on.

But moreover PWO I am getting a bit of a snitty and wiseass type tone from your replies on the matter. Not sure what or why this is happening? Maybe you felt like challenging clenz or whatever but one thing you should always keep at the front of your mind on things like this is that I am checking in and trying to make sure we have it right, and easy for the voters due to how WE use the naming on here and on each name change we have had debated input by the fans of that team and we have looked into it.

But if there is an idea with all this in mind that we can do better I really want to hear it. I am not changing the Cal schools. I think there was some controversy over UC Davis last year or the year before but I really can't remember what it was all about but possibly dropping the "UC" part which I don't think would serve the voters well at this point and it is how they are listed on the BSC site and most schedules I believe.