Now, I do believe there should be athletes who can be recruited to play for schools, but if they get drafted, the NFL or whatever group employs them, should supply the costs of having to pay any fees associated with this athlete. But, I argue, if a player

cannot meet the minimum requirements to pass classes, then he should NOT be called a student/athlete. He should be called an athlete. As student implies, he is meeting academic goals- those are the goals of a university per definition. if you want

to change the goals of a university go ahead. So, I guess you are trying to say is you don't need to be academically qualified if you can play sports at a university. I knew a guy from Hogan High in Vallejo named Jim Upchurch who easily could have

played in the NFL, but was academically not qualified at ASU. So, he never played pro ball. He was the type of person you are describing. So, what you are saying in order for an exceptionally athlete the opportunity to play ball, he shoulod be allowed

to play regardless of the academic goals of the university.

But, I doubt the NCAA would sanction the school. Which would defeat your argument of allowing such people to play at a university.