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ursus ... see above. So I did top 33 this time .. when I pasted it, everything appeared to be there, in order, and formatted nicely. When I went to "Go Advanced" so I could "Preview" ... it lost all the even # entries this time and formatting changed to look like above in Preview and ultimately looked same once I posted.

Weird ... never seen this happen before.

Side note .. logging in has a minor glitch too. Every time I hit log in button, it takes me to some near blank generic AGS screen. I then have to hit the "Forum" hyperlink, and then it logs me in just fine. Not a big deal at all ... just started happening around the time of the double-posting weirdness.
I have had the problem of when I post it would post double a while back. Has AGS changed anything because I have noticed glitches I have never seen before on here in the last month or so.