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Why the **** would you want them to win another football game or be competitive in the conference or in state. Their program needs to be ground into the dust so they are competing for D3 prospects for football.

Do you want the games to be competitive so it is easier to scalp your Bison tickets, I see no other reason for wanting the games to be competitive.
A post on another thread leads me to this poll question:

Would you rather:

A. See your team's rival be a colossal failure, not be competitive in the slightest...with anybody, and your team beats them every year 60-0?

B. See your team's rival be very competitive, knowing that the game in which your team plays them will be exciting and may ultimately determine the conference champion?

C. Another option...to be described in a post.

By the way, I've been to every Bison home game (and almost every tailgate) since I moved back to Fargo over a decade ago, have been to Frisco six times, and the only time the Bison did not go to Frisco in that stretch, somebody from James Madison or Youngstown State purchased eight tickets at face value from me...so you decide on the scalping.

Also, I am actually thrilled that South Dakota State (current rival?) has been as tough as they have been since moving up with NDSU...and I hope they continue to be very competitive as well, just not better than NDSU. Please don't get me wrong. I enjoy it when NDSU destroys a rival...especially when that rival is not a conference doormat and the game is expected to be close/competitive.