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Let's see how they do against the Bison defense.
Well, I look at this game a little like the game against Stanford and 2005. Yeah, NDSU is as good as it gets in FCS ( and we were Stanford's cupcake game, as we did not have schollies available as we were still considered D2 by FCS

standards). And, we all know how that turned out for Stanford.

Our current QB is one of the better ones we have had over the years. Not too far below guys like Ken Obrien, JT Osullivan, coach Biggs, Mike Moroski, Khari Jones, Chris Petersen, Kevin Daft, and others who have gone on

to the next level. I know I am missing a few others, but you get the idea.

So, be careful. You may not like the results. But, we are the underdogs and on the road. So, you are suppose to win this game. We will see!