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It's not that we don't care about winning a championship, we just don't see the playoffs as the best option for us. All of our other sports compete in the D-1 playoffs, but the bowl game is just a better option for us in football.
My unpopular opinion on here is that a bowl system (even if financially unfeasible) would give better seasonal cloture for the 90% of FCS football teams who will almost certainly never win a championship.

Even before NDSU dominated the subdivision, only about 20 programs had won an FCS championship, with about 1/3 leaving for FBS, and another 1/3 not winning it since the 80s. Keep in mind that something like 150 programs have played FCS football.

A bowl game gives you the opportunity to end your season on a high note, or at least you're at a better chance of it. The game's not about winning championships, the numbers pretty much show that.