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Eh, no doubt youíll have a good offense. Reloading on defense hasnít really been a calling card for EWU though. Just because you said it doesnít mean everyone has to believe it. Youíre still ranked top 10, in the preseason, not really something to get worked up over IMO.

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Not getting worked up over anything, but this is the off season and discussion is bare.

Our previous coaching staff had defensive difficulties. Best has made it a point to not make offense the soul of our team.

And again, most of the players on the defensive side of the ball during playoffs were the same players filling the gaps for injuries. We graduated many defensive "starters" who were injured by seasons end (or suspension *cough*)

Linebacker Chris Ojoh is an absolute machine and will be an all American by seasons end.

This team will be special and I fully expect us to be knocking on the championship door again.