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one last post (I promise) to beat this topic to death ... Usain Bolt was clocked as the fastest human ever. But even that statement has to be qualified. Below shows the 100m splits in 10m increments ... so it is not yards, but meters are about 10% longer than yards .. so adjust for that in your head.

Look at Bolt's 1st 10m ... pretty below average ... that might translate to at best 1.65 seconds for 10 yards. But then look at his next 30m ... the 1.85 for 10m and the 4.65 for th first 40m .. that means he ran the next 30m in 2.8 seconds ... which might be closer to 2.6 if it were 30 yards (not meters). Not done even yet ... Bolt is fastest human ever, but does NOT reach his peak speed until the 50 to 80 meter range, with 60 to 70 being his peak speed and when he ran the fastes 27.8 mph ever recorded.

So to put this whole breakaway speed and stride thing in perspective, here is difference between Volcker and Bolt, using my rough conversion to yards for Bolt:

- First 10 yards: Volker 1.51 seconds, Bolt 1.65 seconds .. Volker has comfortable lead
- Next 30 yards: Volker 3.05, Bolt 2.65 or better ... Bolt pulls way easily
- Total 40 yards: Volker 4.56, Bolt 4.30 ... this is breakway speed, and he's not done accelerating. This is what makes Bolt a freak and fastest ever .. his stride .. and you;ll notice he always is coming from behind the pack the first 50 yards before he pulls away.

Again, Volckers first 10 yards is very very good, but his breakway speed is average. Having seen these measurables, he might get a long look at Slot Receiver .. or maybe move to safety ?

That's also what made watching him so fun. Bolt was always losing the 100 in the first 25M and then it was see you later!