Over on the FB group of FCS fans, there is a new discussion topic about formulating a utopian schedule for your team.

Here's mine I formulated for Harvard, which I posted as a reply to the said topic:

(Original to AGS) Rationale for the utopian schedule: Ivy League teams tend not to play tougher and also given the strict 10 consecutive game week restriction, they have difficulties scheduling teams west of the Alleghenies and south of the Potomac that are scholarship teams. This schedule I formulated respects the Presidents' restrictions but allows more leeway of scheduling tougher competition given the latter teams' longer conference game stretches.

Game 1 (week 3 or 4) - @ NDSU or @ Montana ('nuff said, I have respect for you all but the Ivies are ducking you)
Game 2 - Brown
Game 3 - @ Wofford (ditto in Game 1)
Game 4 - Cornell
Game 5 - @ Kennesaw State (one of the most successful FCS teams ever that have done much in their first 5 years in a football program)
Game 6 - Princeton
Game 7 - Dartmouth
Game 8 - Columbia
Game 9 - Penn
Game 10 - Yale (must not be moved, it's The Game for a reason)

What's your team's dream schedule? You can also include money games against FBS or FCS-FCS or FBS-FCS rivalries that haven't been played for quite some time. But of course, don't include teams who have dropped their football programs.