Kind of a random topic, but it's the off season and it's slow here, and this has bugged me for a while.

Why the hell do fan bases use premium message boards like rivals, where they are required to pay?

Schools like Montana, Montana State, UND, SDSU, NDSU, and many other FCS schools have quality message boards that are free. Why do so many FBS schools have fan bases that rely on message boards like rivals, where payment is required? And it seems like those message boards normally only have like 3-5 topics many of the time, like football, football recruiting, basketball, and off topic.

This is especially confusing because CSNBBS has a legit platform with the potential for any school to have an active and FREE message board. I think JMU uses this platform.

This bother anyone else? I can't think of a reason why it is so difficult to find a decent message boards for many FBS and P5 schools, that are free. You would think that a privatly owned website at a p5 school would get enough web traffic to be successful, especially since so many FCS schools do it, and do it better than Rivals and 247.