Just finished 2nd of 2 signing days. I realize it is a crap shoot as to who will work out and everyone has that "hope springs eternal" attitude reading bios and watching tape. Nonetheless, I would like to hear people's general thoughts about strength of your incoming 2019 class and any specifically that you are excited about:

For my ISUr ....

Generally, our roster has gone big lately, very big. But I think Spack must have realized he may have overshot his mark a bit. So this class was smallish and much more athletic by comparison to our current roster. Also went after skill players much more so than interior players. Spack tends to recruit with certain position groups emphasis each year ... this years class has lot of RBs, LBs, Athletes. I assume he is trying to create healthy balance of cohesion and competition within each position group, as well as improve team with players who can play in space. In any case, I like our size, but you always needs guys who can play in space these days.

Specifically, what were most excited about is the RB group he brought in this year ... IMO, by far his best HS prospective RB group. Note, Coprich had no stars coming out of HS. Robinson had just 2 stars. Here's what we got this year ... and all had FBS offers or strong interest:

- Cole Mueller | RB | 6-0 | 190 | Wentzville, Missouri (Holt HS) ... 3 stars, FBS recruit

- Pha'leak Brown | RB | 5-10 | 200 | Chester, South Carolina (Chester HS) ... 2 stars, FBS recruit

- Nigel White | RB | 5-9 | 165 | Lauderhill, Florida (St. Thomas Aquinas HS) ... 3 stars, FBS recruit

Spack was asked and commented at press conference, he is having easier time convincing quality RBs to come to ISU. Obviously, it started with Coprich and now Robinson, but we've had several good ones in between those 2. Many of which eventually left for lack of time .. we lost 4 or 5 good RBs the last 3 years as a result. Mainly because Robinson quickly rose to top after his true FR year. Note, we just lost backup RB Markel Smith (announced he is grad transferring after spring).

But the 3 above look like they all have strong potential to emerge .. guessing at least 1 will play next fall. Mueller runs a true sub 4.5 and is very agile. Brown is not as fast, but very good field vision and agility. White has amazing quicks, just undersized or he would have gone FBS .. his HS is perennial top 25 in country. We'll see if they pan out.