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My thoughts exactly. Have him run block til the cows come home.
Washington State had a 6'9" guy just recently that made 2nd team All America at guard...he also had one of the all time nicknames "The Continent"
ISUr has JR LT at 6'10" 315 lbs Drew Himmelman ... made Hero all american as SO (done by class) and MVFC all conference (2nd team).

Side note ... Himmelman played basketball and football in HS .. he was pretty good bball player, but was listed at 6'8" 225 lbs as HS SR (presumably fall 2015) ...he's put on 2 inches and 90 lbs in just over 3 years. He'll be a RS JR this fall ... NFL is watching his development - 2 year starter, and still got 2 years left ... very good footwork, long arms, and just a great frame for putting weight on.