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FUBeAR, typically, is highly skeptical of any OLmen over 64 with no FBS offers, but I see a young man that likes to finish blocks, likes to run, and enjoys the game of Football on this video. Lists himself at 6-8 though. I found other info saying he is 7....68 looks more accurate. Hes all right though...from what I see here. Id sure as heck take a chance on him. Hes as good or better than a lot 6-5 guys I see signing. If youre going to sign a big galoot to play on your OL, why not sign the biggest galoot...and one that really looks like he wants to be a Player. Still probably can get speed rushed by...but the way he looks pulling, in some Os, he would be a nice OG.

Its looks like he is a better Guard than Tackle, despite not seeing much Pass Blocking from the big man.