I was really sorry to miss our Spring game this year. I was out for 3 weeks seeing my family. I have heard good things though. Our coaching staff has switched a few players around to new positions and those switches seam to be working out well. Our new DC is also fitting in well with staff and players. I have heard he tends to be more of a zone defense guy. That will be interesting to watch. Last year we did play a lot of zone, but also switched back and forth many times. We have improved depth on our OL, but still looking for a couple of key guys. So, if our defense is improved to match better offensive weapons I am happy. Most everyone here seems to be of the mind that we are ahead of last year. It will be interesting to see what happens during conference play though. I'm not really happy with scheduling an NAIA OOC game, but if we aren't going to pay squat for a decent team to come play us I can't expect much. I think the NAIA game could very well come back to bite us later.