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I heard we might be looking into real time tracking of student grades and attendance. I'm sure they have a tight leash on them now but apparently this new program will give real time status of each athlete and their progress. The goal is always to get them to graduation first and foremost but we also want to treat them like adults. What we have been doing has been successful as shown by our increasing APR, but if they go the new route then if a student runs into a class issue the advisers will be able to connect with them immediately and give them the help they need. Hope they go that route! The NFL is a good goal but only 1% make it...so that means the rest have to get that degree!
I actually like this idea. To me it is part of investing in the student athlete and helping provide help when and where they need it. I would hope this wouldn't be seen as too restrictive and/or intrusive. If we can also attach this to the right sources then we can help before it gets too late; keep the student in the class and keep the student on the field/court/course. When I look at our APRs I feel like we failed our student athletes in the past. I am with you in that the number that make it to the NFL, CFL or any pother professional league are way too far and few between. Still, even if they DO make it, we have a responsibility to ensure we get them there with the tools to go even further. I told our posters that I really hope ACU send a variety of staff to the symposium and they can develop what they need to make our kids successful. I like that our conference is making it a priority.