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2.99 fall, 3.03 spring.
(NDSU football semester record is 3.06 - set in spring 2017)

Not everything was released, but this is what was in the paper:

Fall 2018
3.65 - women's basketball (record)
3.60 - softball (record)
3.32 - average student-athlete GPA
3.31 - wrestling (record)
3.17 - average NDSU GPA (undergrad)
2.99 - football
2.90 - men's basketball (lowest)

Spring 2019
3.78 - women's basketball (highest) (record)
3.67 - softball (record)
3.42 - average student-athlete GPA
3.13 - average NDSU GPA (undergrad)
3.09 - men's basketball
3.03 - football


In the MVFC, NDSU football had the highest APR, the 2nd most President's Council Academic Awards(after YSU), the most Commissioner's Academic Excellence Awards, the most Honor Roll Awards, the most MVFC all-academic team selections, and tied with SDSU for the most national Academic All-American selections. I don't know if NDSU had the highest team GPA; there doesn't seem to be an award for it, and I didn't see a news release from anyone saying they had the highest.

(only pointed out the other stuff because I found it while looking for the best MVFC GPA and was going to find some way to use it after spending all that time )

not that I have never contributed to thread drift here and elsewhere ... and in most mtgs I attend at work ..... but how we go from TC replacement to NDSU GPA is bit of stretch even for me ... you might move this to the NCAA FCS APR for MVFC thread I just started, which I initially was going to post here .. then let the silly banter begin in earnest !!!!!