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In doing a little research on the attendance numbers it became apparent to me that this event and many Bowl games are actually just “Reality TV.” ESPN Events OWNS this event and about 30 others which ‘live,’ primarily, to provide content around which ESPN can sell advertising.

So, the venue is an expense item for them, like the resort where contestants on “The Bachelor” stay. I’m sure they bid these out periodically and negotiate contracts with the owners of the facilities (in this case, the City of Montgomery, AL). If the venue owner(s) wants an event badly enough, this may become a contra expense for ESPN Events. I would guess the bowl games they own require NCAA approval as they are post-season events, but if these early season games are just part of 2 Teams’ regular season schedules and they agree to play at a neutral site, the I don’t know that the NCAA has a whole lot of say on the matter. Maybe, because they get ‘the jump’ on other Teams, ahead of the date for ‘allowed games’ on the NCAA calendar, the suits in Indy do have some control, but I would doubt they are dictating the location/venue to ESPN Events.

As in most things related to College Football today, following the money will show you the answer.
So if some other city wanted to have their own game a week early, and call it "the Real Kickoff Classic," they could? As long as they get two teams to play a week early?