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So if some other city wanted to have their own game a week early, and call it "the Real Kickoff Classic," they could? As long as they get two teams to play a week early?
The “week early” is the catch. Unless I’m mistaken, the benevolent & all-holy NCAA publishes an annual calendar which includes the earliest date competitions are allowed for each sport; so they would probably have to grant a waiver to the Teams desiring to participate in your hypothetical city’s game. From my limited experience with the NCAA, they would be more than willing to do that as long as HypoCity paid an appropriate honorarium to them...unless some clause in their agreement(s) with ESPN prevents them from doing that...which it probably does.

So, in theory, “Yes,” but in reality, “No.” Unless HypoCity has & wants to spend enough ‘juice’ to (in reality) buy the rights to such a game from the NCAA AND its Co-Conspirator, ESPN.