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UGH, I gave UNH credit for regularly making the playoffs and said not so much for us. No Maine fan wants two FBS games but the administration has done it for revenue purposes and coaching staff has to sell it as a positive to recruits which I guess it can be. We all know it hurts the teams chances of making the playoffs if both are losses.
Just looked at your 2019 schedule and see two FBS games; however, Liberty is one of them and I think I'd put an asterisk next to it. It is a interesting match-up, particularly considering Josh Mack should be in their backfield. Also you have a very favorable conference schedule, playing only 2 of the other 5 2018 CAA playoff teams. No JMU, Delaware or Stony Brook. Also a total of 12 games so you'll still have 10 FCS games even with 2 FBS. I'd say you have a great chance to make the playoff field again.