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Explain the difference in just operating budgets
That's pretty much my point, you can't explain it without seeing the source data which also means you can't compare it because you don't what is actually making up the numbers of what you're looking at. There is quite a bit of latitude in how those reports are prepared and a lot of grey area in what is sport specific or just bunched in with the athletic department as a whole and not only are different schools in different situations, but they also account for similar situations differently.

But I digress. Just wanted to point out that trying to make any sort of comparison likely isn't even close to an apples to apples comparison. I spent a fair amount of time looking through some of those reports a few years back and what you get from the source info is a completely different story than the output from the EADA site. I wish more schools made the source info available, it can be pretty interesting stuff once you know what you're looking at.

I'm have no clue about the JMU complaining about funding, nor am I sure why their subsidies/student fees are so high. I'm sure someone closer to the situation can shed some more light on that.