I havent kept up as much this season so would appreciate updates. Where is Big South football headed? The league had a pretty nice little run from 2013-2017 with Coastal, CSU, Liberty being pretty good and even the others all being really competitive vs more established teams like in the SoCon. But obviously CCU and Liberty are gone, CSU imploded and now what?

Well as expected Kennesaw has soared to being a legitimate playoff caliber FCS team. I think North Alabama will too. CSU has the NCAA problems that look bad, but really not as bad as it sounds and the new AD can make a great HC hire to rebuild there. PC is gone. GWU and Campbell appear to be steady. Monmouth also.

Anyone who has kept up, any others coming into the league?

Currently I think the BSCs biggest problem is its a patchwork league of teams who dont really have a connection or past against each other. Coastal and CSU were so close together and Liberty was an original team in that league.

Now there no real rivalries. No real regional consistency. Feels like the XFL of college football at times.