Week 3 sees Valpo traveling to YSU to pickup a paycheck and play the Guins. This is the second non- scholly Pioneer League team to play at YSU. YSU got upset 23-21 by Butler, then lost at West Virginia 52-17. Valpo lost their opener to Duquesne 23-21.

The game is intriguing as once more YSU puts its 63 schollies up against none for Valpo. Who will win ? Does YSU continue to look inept ? Does Valpo make history like Butler did ?

YSU showed some flashes against WVU with 6’4 WR Farrah having a big day and the YSU run game having some success. But YSUs DBs looked terrible and the D looked horrible with very poor tackling. But when you recruit poorly, it comes back to bite you.

Who wins ?