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When your school has had two playoff appearances in 18 years, and just lost to a nonscholly, you don’t get to b—— about another school who actually gets in the playoffs....and consistently beats your school.....and doesn’t have a scumbag HC that recruits convicted rapists no other school anywhere would want.
I was going to pull playoff wins since YSU joined the MVC...and playoff appearances...and conference titles....and head to head record....and number of rapists that were kept, or recruited, to the team.

UNI has had 1 case of sexual assault in that time. The players were instantly dismissed. Instantly. No questions. Not only that, they were instantly dismissed from the school, no questions.

UNI kicked their best WR off the team in 2008 the week before the playoffs because he lived in the same house as a guy that was busted for a drug ring. Cops cleared him of all potential charges. Said they had been tailing the case for months. Said there was zero involvement. He was still booted from the team for putting himself in that situation and putting UNI football in the media in a negative light.

Yeah...we are clearly very similar programs in regards to our negative press and issues.