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Troll? Before today's game most of the NFL community felt Wentz would for sure be traded. Foles finished on a bad note, so it feels more up in the air. I wanted to know the opinion of the AGS community that is all.
Of course the Bison fans think Wentz is God 2.0.

He's a good QB, don't get me wrong, but Bison Pride means jack **** to the Eagles.

The bad note wasn't even Fole's fault. He hit Alshon in the frigging hands.

The reality is Wentz has been hurt twice now in three years. Has yet to even see the playoffs. And of you don't think Nick Foles isn't the only reason the Eagles made the playoffs this year, you're an idiot. Foles won this team a Super Bowl.

Sure, Wentz MAY have won it last year, but he didn't.

At this point the Eagles know exactly what they are getting with Foles. Dependability and results.