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Thread: 2018 AGS POTY Nominations

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    2018 AGS POTY Nominations

    It's time for our annual recognition of our contemporaries. This place is fun, entertaining, and informative due to our friends that post here so take a minute to put the names in for this years POTY award banners.

    Nominate your selections for Poster of the Year by clicking the link near the bottom of this post and filling in your choices.

    If a poster received 3 straight POTY awards in any one category then they are considered HOF (Hall Of Fame) in that category. If they don't win 3 straight then they need 5 overall to attain this status.

    Is HOF in two or three categories and can not be nominated in any categories any longer as I am honoring his request to pull his name out of the running due to multiple HOF runs.

    ursus is also not accepted as a nomination in any category.

    These are the categories:

    1. AGS FCS Board Poster Of The Year

    2. AGS Smack Board Poster Of The Year

    3. AGS Lounge Poster Of The Year

    4. AGS Newcomer Poster Of The Year - Click this link, page should be sorted on all new members for 2018 (look at "join date") and there are 7-8 pgs. of names to choose from.

    5. AGS Most Humorous Poster Of The Year

    6. AGS Most Valuable Poster Of The Year

    You do not have to nominate someone in each category but I would appreciate it if you would give it some good thought and try to do so.

    Nominations are open from now until 01/04/2019 . The leading nominees in each category will be voted on from 01/04/2019 through 01/15/2019 with the winners being crowned on that day.

    Use this link to nominate.

    Nominations posted on this thread won't count for anything.

    This thread is open for discussion on who you think should be nominated so get after it.
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