Not sure if anyone cares, but the newly formed AAF has drafted their first 100 players, some of which are former FCS guys.
Here's the full list:

There's more FCS guys here, but just a quick scan, names I recognize include:
Marshaun Coprich, RB from Illinois State -> Birmingham
Alejandro Bennifield, QB from Chattanooga -> Memphis
Ryan McKinley, DB from Montana -> Memphis
Trey Dempsey, DB from North Dakota State -> Orlando

It remains to be seen whether the AAF can sustain a viable league, but they do have some big names behind it. Head Coaches include Mike Singletary (Memphis), Steve Spurrier (Orlando), Brad Childress (Atlanta), Rick Neuheisel (Phoenix), Dennis Erickson (Salt Lake), Mike Riley (San Antonio), Mike Martz (San Diego).

Sounds like the league will launch February 9th, 2019 (Saturday after the Super Bowl).