Big Sky Conference Establishes Serious Misconduct Rule ... -rule.aspx
Serious Misconduct Rule: A current or prospective student-athlete who has been convicted of or pled guilty or no contest to a felony or misdemeanor involving Serious Misconduct, or has been subject to official University or athletic department disciplinary action at any time during enrollment at any collegiate institution (excluding limited discipline applied by a sports team or temporary disciplinary action during an investigation) due to Serious Misconduct shall not be eligible for athletically-related financial aid, practice or competition at a Big Sky member institution. For purposes of this provision, “serious misconduct” is defined as any act of sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, sexual exploitation, or any assault that employs the use of a deadly weapon or causes serious bodily injury.

The rule is effective for all prospective student-athletes beginning with the December 19, 2019, signing period. For all other student-athletes, the rule will go into effect beginning with the 2019-20 academic year. In unique and compelling cases, an institution may request a waiver of the Serious Misconduct Rule. If a waiver is requested, an institutional panel of individuals outside of the athletic department will review and determine if the request warrants approval.

The Serious Misconduct Rule is another step that the Big Sky has taken to help positively shape the student-athlete experience. The Big Sky has hosted a health and wellness symposium over the last five years with topics that addressed mental health needs of student-athletes, stress management, mentoring those that have alcohol and drug issues, bystander intervention, and sexual assault prevention on campuses.