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Except Goedert easily doubled Hurst up in catches and yards over the last 3 years. Like I pointed out a few posts ago Goedert bested Hurst's career numbers in just one season in 2016. I just found that discrepancy a bit ironic given how closely graded they apparently were. It obviously hurt Goedert that he wasn't able to work out at the combine or run the 40 at all. Who knows how close the Ravens had them graded and for all I know Hurst may turn out to be the better pro but I just don't see much reasoning for him being picked over Goedert other than he's proven to be a better blocker and played against better competition in college.

And that's plenty reason enough btw if that's what a team values most in their TEs but the contrast in their receiving numbers is certainly eye opening.
First of all one player did his damage in the SEC and the other was in FCS. If you wanted to even do a stats comparison then divide Goedert's by 3 and that would about equal doing what Hurst did in the SEC. The level of competition is not even close in the eyes of NFL teams so you can't ever compare players in that regard. Goedert went to a good situation and he is certainly a good player who I don't think got slighted. Had he fallen to the 4th round or late 3rd round then maybe something unfair was going on.

When you look at numbers look at the career of Blanding at UVA. He was a 4-year starter, 2017 2nd team All-American, 2017 unanimous 1st team All-ACC, 137 tackles in 2017, 2016 1st team All-ACC, 2015 1st team All-ACC, and 2014 2nd team All-ACC and ACC DEF ROY from a Power 5 conference and he went undrafted. If it was all about stats then he would have been a top 50 pick.