Great pub for a true student-athlete. Best of luck to Brown LB Zak DeOssie in his quest to make the NFL.

Combine tests Ivy League's only prospect
Brown linebacker Zak DeOssie is the first player from Brown ever invited to the combine, but has to overcome the Ivy League stigma.

By Aaron Kuriloff, Bloomberg News
Last update: February 25, 2007 – 1:46 AM

No student in the 243-year history of Brown University ever faced a job interview like the one Zak DeOssie has this weekend.

The 6-4, 240-pound senior linebacker is the only player from the Ivy League among the 327 college players invited to the NFL's annual scouting camp in Indianapolis this year ---- and the first ever from Brown.

A strong performance can mean early selection at the NFL draft in April, which might mean a $1 million-plus contract. A weak one can leave the same player hoping for a last-ditch tryout in training camp.

While his classmates study for law- or medical-school entrance exams, or don suits for corporate recruiting, DeOssie plans to strip to his shorts, sprint 40 yards (37 meters) in about 4.5 seconds and bench-press as much as he can. That's all designed to establish whether he is NFL material.