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Lauletta has himself rising from a 5-6 to a likely 4th round pick. I think the NDSU LB may have put himself in position to go 3-4 as long as he tests well in Indy. I don't think the Ivy guys have a shot to get drafted. Bilal Nichols is definitely getting drafted after the last two weeks.
I agree with this. I think as far as raw talent Lauletta proved he's either right there or even somewhat above all the other QBs at the senior bowl sans Allen. Josh's raw skill set was just heads and shoulders above everyone else, IMO. Although he's still plenty raw.

Deluca also definitely looked like he belonged. I think he tests well at the combine although it did seem he was lacking a step this season. I'm kind of worried about the medical and if he's truly 100%. That we won't really know until draft day.

Kind of sucks Goedert got banged up right away. Any guesses on round(s) for him?