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Put Eason in USeD and watch Streveler 2.0 go to work. 6-5 235 is prototypical all around player. I don't see him dropping to FCS but I could see him sitting out a year and transferring back home to U-Dubya.

Hurts has about 0 to no accuracy but the man can run. Put him in some kind of Read Option and/or Triple Option and I think he could do a solid job.

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Eason is rumored to the University of Washington in his home state. Colorado State has also been mentioned. Mike Bobo, CSU’s Coach, recruited Eason to UGA before leaving for Fort Collins.
I hope I am right on this one. I thought about it after he did not play in the championship and thought this would be a perfect fit. Hope he is not the next Jake Locker though.