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I'm really surprised there's nothing on Dunn. He manhandled UGA.

Roc's ego, I assume?

Man, having Reggie back for next year would have been HUGE.

How high do you think Jackson goes? Mel Kiper was on Finebaum a couple weeks ago saying he might end up around where Robert Mathis did.

Also is Neal draftable or is he more likely a PFA?
Dunn is considered a free agent prospect. No buzz on him so far.

Jackson could go as high as 4 for sure. I think most have him as a 5-7 right now though.

Neal is an interesting player. If he runs a 4.5 or better he should get drafted but if not then I don't think he will. I have him as a PFA caliber player only. I think Jackson is your best prospect.