1. Wofford:
2. Western Carolina
3. Furman
4. Samford
5. Mercer
6. Citadel
8. Chatt
9. VMI

(Caveat: Teams 1-6 are really close to each other); also this looks like the actual standings

We have lots of good games on this week

Mercer @ Furman. Mercer has statistically the best defense in the Socon. It's pretty representative of who they are, as they've played more Socon games than any other team. Even though I don't think they're as good as FuBear says, that's not to say they aren't really really good. On the other side of the match up, Furman has the most efficient offense in the conference; in my opinion, they're the best offense because their style of play compensates for their defensive weaknesses better than Western Carolina's. Having said that, the caveat of both Mercer and Furman is that Mercer's defense hasn't played the best offenses in the league, and Furman's offense has routed the lesser defenses of the league in the last month or so. The outcome is gonna be difficult to prognosticate, but I'm going to give the edge to Furman because their offense is more efficient than Mercer's and Mercer has kicking problems. It'll be a tough one.

Samford @ Wofford. I'm going to just not pick this one. Obviously, I'm biased in favor of Wofford but the stat oriented guy inside me says this one is gonna be close. Samford has has our number in the last few years and they're coming off a bye. Wofford just finds a way to win, and they'll want to avenge last year's loss. I think our defense is more conducive to stopping Samford's offense than Western's, but that's not saying much. It'll be a good game, and it's homecoming in Spartanburg.

Western @ VMI; Western by 100

The Citadel @ Chattanooga. I'm picking the Citadel, but really there's only 2 ways this game can go. Either the Dawgs play mad and hungry for the win or they play poorly after a hangover from this tough loss to Wofford. If the Citadel can play ball-control and not lose the turnover battle (like they did tonight), they'll win this easily. Chattanooga doesn't have a run game, and as great as their freshman QB is, that's gonna keep him from being as effective as he could be.