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I could be mistaken but my understanding is the NCAA has already ruled against 12 regular season games for FCS schools. Has the Southern Conference stated they will play a full eight game league schedule in the spring?
Haven’t seen where the NCAA has ruled against any/all 12 game waivers. They did rule that FBS Teams can count 2 (Vs. 1, normally) FCS wins for bowl eligibility, so that would, by extension, seem to indicate that they might be more open to waivers. And, I did hear (2nd hand) from a Sr. Athletic Official at a SoCon school that applying for such a waiver is a possibility. If you have a source for that decision, please post.

The SoCon has not “officially” announced an 8 game Conference only spring season, but that is the common thinking among SoCon peeps, some more ‘in the know” than others. And, it would seem to make sense, with a 9 Team Conference...as much as anything makes sense in these Days of ‘Rona.