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That's risky as it lowers probability they'll have enough wins to qualify for the NEC AQ playoff bid. They're down to having just 9 games left on the schedule with Toledo (FBS money game) almost certain to be a loss.
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I thought maybe the NEC schools would offer RMU a deal where they had to sign to play their BB programs in non conference games this year to keep the 2020 football games in tact. The Horizon league is generally a much better rated league than the NEC so it would be a RPI bump for the NEC schools.
Not at all.

1) CCSU dropping a non-conf road game at RMU has absolutely no impact on their eligibility for the NEC AQ bid. The NEC schedule this year is 6 games (the same number as the Patriot League). Whoever wins the the NEC is going to the playoffs (assuming the playoffs are not cancelled).

2) I don't expect to see RMU on many NEC basketball schedules, not named Saint Francis or Mt. St. Mary's. The NEC schools just don't need RMU basketball games for RPI and they certainly aren't busing out there. Again, RMU needs this year's football games more than any NEC does. We'll see what happens