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I thought I should create this, if nothing else as a containment tank for the trolling that may take place.

I won't put too much stock in our performance on 9/2. UM-C has one of the five worst defenses in FBS - UND's is considerably better. By the same token, UM-C throttled Eastern Michigan last year but EMU still qualified for a bowl. I don't think our defense is great but I won't lose my lid until I see it against peer competition.

UND should win this, but apparently we now have an adequate QB and OL, so if we can generate a goofy score we have a shot.

Now that I have said my piece, I'll leave it to the Canadians to do what they do best.
You spanked us last time, I'm sure the players are going to try and return the favor. This game be closer than most in ND think, except for those trolls with the pickups with manure in their box.