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I was wondering about that too. I was confused why they didn't pick a run play there, just picked up a first down off of three consecutive runs gaining 3-5 yards each play. I understand maybe mix it up a bit, but if there was no one open Wells should have just threw it out of play. Youngstown State line was dominating Pitt's line that last possession.
I agree with you on the throw. It was actually too soon & he did have a couple of steps to wait. However the call was more than valid...actually smart. YSU only missed 2 passes in the second half and they were throw-aways. Pitt secondary could not cover. It was first down after YSU struggled to make the initial first down. Their defensive front was motivated by the previous points scored on offense & they had the DE's and a safety up on the line. I also think YSU would have gone for a 2-point conversion. The momentum was shifting.

As to Paladin, well I think it is clear that no one gives a crap anymore. As to cupcakes: Fans want home games; it does not matter who it is against. The score of beers and burgers before the game is just as important as the score on the board after the game. Back-ups need to play & fans enjoy seeing them. Then again, you have to be a fan. Pittsburgh is an hour away. That gives us 3 universities to play that YSU fans can travel to. Real fans want to see games from the seats. Then again, you have to be a fan. Real fans beat their chest at every game ...especially when your team scores 21-unanswered again a solid ACC team.