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Of course, Patrick Dimarco was also undrafted. He was also cut twice before the Falcons signed him. Perhaps NFL teams need better scouts in the state of South Carolina.

I also don't think it is terribly shocking that the Falcons were the only team to call about him. There are not that many NFL teams that utilize the fullback, and with roster restrictions, most teams that do carry only one. So, the number of teams potentially needing a fullback in any given year is probably pretty small.
DiMarco would have been a highly sought after player if he had not been forced to move to TE as a senior. I believe had he stayed at FB he would have been at the NFL Combine or at least been a top tier PFA instead of a guy who had to keep trying, in order to make a roster.

You would be surprised that many scouts who go to South Carolina live up in Charlotte, Raleigh, somewhere in Georgia, or in Florida. Some do live in South Carolina but probably less than half who scout the state.

I have thought that Renew was the 3rd best RB that The Citadel has had since I have been scouting but the top two were pretty good. Travis Jervey and Nehemiah Broughton were the other two and they both got drafted.