The following is a recent memo that was sent out to Gannett (newspaper) editors.
In recent months, we’ve seen an upswing in the number of Web sites misappropriating stories, photos, and video created by Gannett Newspaper and Broadcast units. These Web sites post Gannett content directly instead of providing users with links to the Gannett Web site that generated the material. The law is clear that content produced by Gannett newspapers and TV stations is protected by copyright and that Web sites that post Gannett material without permission are infringers.
For the most part members have done a pretty good job of providing links to the sources of the stories that are published on the Internet. We ask that you all continue to adhere to this policy.

For those of you that are not familiar with this...please remember when you want to reference a story/headline from another site. Do not paste the entire contents of any story or article onto this site (a paragraph or 2 is a safe route to use). Always provide a link to the source of the material you publish...NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Thank you for your cooperation.