I think this question has been asked before, but cannot locate the thread from last year or the year before.

I believe that NDSU football has done more for the FCS than maybe any other single team, in terms of building interest on a national scale. Their success against the FBS, successive national championships, and resulting profile on ESPN's national stage are just a couple of the reasons they've become one of the most, if not the most well known FCS teams in the country.

Obviously, they have at least a 25% chance of winning another title, and I'm sure the Vegas odds-makers would rate that chance even higher.

But is there a tipping point at which the lack of drama created by a sixth national championship actually becomes a turnoff to FCS fans? Can another Bison trophy actually be good for Bison fans, but bad for the FCS in general?

For me personally, of course, I would personally love to see my Eagles hoist the trophy. But if the football gods do not smile on EWU this year, I would personally prefer to see someone other than the Bison at the top (nothing against Bison fans...and yes, I think I already know what your answers will be.)